Monday, July 19, 2004

Overture ... hit the lights ...

Dear Friends,
Like a fine wine ... this blog some 35 years in the making is available to those connoisseurs of the polka industry ... interested not only in preservation but also its further development.
Before embarking on this journey though, might I suggest a few elementary"house rules" which I believe will best facilitate this resource:
1. Please no direct personal, cultural or racial slights or insults (However, this doesn't preclude subjective perspectives or personal opinions).
2.  Encourage thoughts and posts through "open comments" (which thought provoke and seed discussions) versus "closed statements" (which tend to stunt discussions).
3. Please respect others' opinions and comments even when divergently differing than yours. Ideally I would hope that a mature decorum be maintained within this blog ... yet still be both stimulating and entertaining.
I trust all interested parties will truly enjoy this new platform of discussion and I look forward with eager anticipation to the days ahead.
Best regards,

Michael Melymuka