Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Re: Where's the Buzz (Google Posting by Kevin Altenburg)

Dear Friends and Polka Fans,

Can we take consolation in the fact that ... "It's always darkest before the dawn?!

Some might find it perverse ... but I am personally taking some solace that FINALLY people are starting to squawk ... and in some cases really squawk about the state of the polka scene in North America these days.

And while perhaps we haven't attained a critical mass of such yet ... I think its most obvious that a certain acrimony is building within the industry and I have to believe that it won't be long until a group of like-minded individuals are galvonized into some action of change (regardless of whether there's an actual general consensus of such).

This said ... as has been advocated previously ... perhaps the polka industry instead of wasting precious time trying to "reinvent wheels" ... could take a page out of other recent non-mainstream music success stories (e.g. Bluegrass) and see if there are any strategies and/or marketing concepts which we could immediately apply to Polka music in the near future ... in hopes of regaining a certain and lasting vitality within the gendre which we so love.

It's probably too much to hope for ... however ... wouldn't it be nice to see the various "national" polka associations work TOGETHER in co-operation to establish an "industry forum" to address all pending industry issues next year (featuring a panel with the likes of Jimmy Sturr, Walter Ostanek, Lenny Gomulka, Eddie Jr., Joey Miskulin, Johnny Gora, Gary Rhamy, Hank Guzevich etc.)?!?

Well here's to wishin' !!!!

Best regards,